Vacation homes aren't just for the privileged few. With over one million homes considered vacant for personal use reasons in the US as of 2016, a second home can take any form from a tiny rustic cabin to a sprawling luxury estate. Yet regardless of what kind of vacation home you own, the concerns about its maintenance and condition remain the same.

Thankfully, that means that the solutions to these concerns are also similar for all types of vacation homes. Sturdy roofing is essential to protecting a structure when you're not around, and metal roofing is definitely the best choice for a vacation property for these five reasons.

Damage Resistance

First, metal roofing offers superior damage resistance when compared to other materials like wood shake and asphalt composition shingles. Wind, rain, falling debris, and even fire has a reduced effect on all styles of metal roofing. If you live hundreds of miles away from your vacation home and can't drive by after every storm, you'll feel a lot better knowing your roof can handle rough conditions.
Most families also have limited funds for repairing their second home. Preventing damage with a durable roof saves thousands of dollars in unexpected expenses, allowing you to keep using your vacation home year after year instead of selling it due to damage you can't repair.

Low Maintenance

Do you only get one or two free weekends a year and prefer to spend them relaxing at rather than working on the vacation property? Metal roofs offer the lowest maintenance requirement of all the most common roofing materials used on cabins and ranches. There's no need to clean then annually as long as the pitch is steep enough to shed leaves and debris, and recoating of the metal is only necessary every five to 12 years.

Safe to Walk On

Many vacation homeowners want to handle at least some of the maintenance work themselves, and a metal roof mainly needs to be inspected regularly to make sure there's no corrosion or dents. It's easy to set a ladder along the edge of a metal roof, but you can also safely climb onto the roof without damaging the roofing material itself. Just make sure the pitch isn't so steep that it's difficult to keep your footing on the surface.

Energy Efficiency

Since you're not spending every day in your vacation home, it's easy to overlook the cost to heat and cool the place when you are present. You'll likely notice a chilly edge to the air or how the A/C struggles to cool the place down when you first arrive instead.
Roofing materials play a large role in a structure's overall energy efficiency due to the exposure to the sun and the amount of air that circulates through the attic and under the roof. Metal roofing can reduce energy costs by up to 40% when compared to very inefficient roofing. You can expect at least a 10 to 20% improvement over common materials like asphalt and wood shingles, especially if you choose a reflective metal roofing.

Long Lifespan

Finally, the long lifespan of a metal roof helps eliminate the hassles of finding a roofer and overseeing a roof replacement in an area you're not familiar with. By having a metal roof installed first, you'll be able to enjoy your vacation home for 50 years or longer before it's time to plan for a roof replacement. This may even save you money in the long run over going with a short lived material.
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